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handmade mexican, Handmade Clay and Turquoise Birds on Vintage Glass Bead Necklace with Pottery Sherd Shard Focal Pendant



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VINTAGE BEADS! I was going through my bead collection and found a small container of vintage, old while glass beads. Utilizing the two different sizes, I have made an undulating pattern in the necklace.Decorating it are three different types of hand made bird beads: * Carved blue turquoise fetish birds * Handmade Mexican red clay bird beads, and a few round clay beads * Vintage Oaxaca black clay bird beadsThe focal is a pottery shard / sherd that has had the edges ground down into a nice shape.Strung on 49 strand Soft Flex beading wire and finished without a clasp at a length of 30 inches.If you prefer a shorter length, I can do that and add a hook clasp for wearing. Just let me know your preferred length (might change the number of birds on the final necklace. If I remove any, I'll make earrings for you).Will be shipped in a box for protection and insured., long necklace

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