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The first step in creating this lovely pendant was fusing together a clear glass and an opaque green glass to create a 1\u201d square glass cabochon. After firing the glass is cleaned, inspected, and cold worked if necessary. If the glass is cold worked then it goes back into the kiln for fire polishing, if not, then it is ready for the next step.The next step was to apply a black floral and butterfly decal that is specifically made to be fused to glass. After letting the decal dry overnight the glass is fired again to permanently attach the decal.The cabochon is then glued to a gold-plated bail with E6000 glue. This pendant is approximately 1 6/16\u201d long, (including the bail) and approximately 1 2/16\u201d wide, (just over an inch) and approx. 6mm thick.This pendant comes with a black 16\u201d cord that can extend to 18\u201d I make all of the items in my shop in my home studio., handmade gift

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