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rose gold braceletPink and Blue Watermelon Tourmaline Bi-color gem Slice delicate Gold-filled Bracelet by Gem Bliss Jewelry



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pink tourmalinePink and Blue Watermelon Tourmaline Bi-color gem Slices delicate Rose Gold-filled Bracelet by Gem Bliss Jewelry.Adorable and dainty mostly pink Tourmaline double Bi-color gem Slices on dainty Gold-filled chain Bracelet.~ Watermelon pink and Blue Tourmaline Slice 9mm.~ Watermelon pink and clear Tourmaline Slice 9mm.~ Rainbow Moonstone Roundelle 4mm.~ Vesuvianite heart briolette 7mm.~ Opalite faceted roundelle 4mm.~ 14k Rose Gold-filled crab clasp.~ 14k Rose Gold-filled chain.~ Total length 8-inches.~ Ask for your best size.Rubellite pink and Indicolite blue Watermelon Tourmaline gem slice perfectly coordinates with a second Pink and clear Slice charm of Tourmaline in this sweet confection for the October birthday!Gem slices are natural, and smooth polished.Double Tourmaline bracelet, a charm in sparkly pink, and a variation of the classic Watermelon Tourmaline. But, instead of being green and pink, this connector gem slice has a slender edge of blue-green Indicolite Tourmaline with a juicy hot pink Rubellite center.A second gem charm is a tiny blue Rainbow Moonstone and green Vesuvianite heart briolette.A single faceted Opalite joins the chain to the clasp for a generous fit for larger wrists, 8-inches.Tourmaline Bracelet comes with a jewelry pouch in a gift box tied with a lush ribbon.Ready to ship.Please note the actual sizes/details given as items may look different depending on your display.Rubellite - Pink to red variety of gem Tourmaline.Indicolite - Blue variety of Tourmaline.All of the tourmalines are used for their strong healing energies.Tourmaline inspires creativity, reduces anxiety and stress, corresponds to the heart and root chakras.Tourmaline is found in countries across the globe.Several tourmaline mines are located near San Diego, California, and Maine.Every Watermelon Tourmaline is unique, no two gems are exactly alike.You can be sure of choosing a one-of-a-kind gift.Even better if that someone is celebrating an October birthday.This amazing gemstone also serves to celebrate an eighth 8th wedding anniversary.When you choose Gem Bliss Jewelry you are assured of unique handcrafted jewelry.We want you to be happy with your selection and our service.Thank you for visiting.

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