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earring no pierceSterling Silverfilled Single Ear Cuff - Right or left



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earring no pierceThis handcrafted ear cuff from Zannedelionsis done in sterling silverfilled beads and soldered 18 & twisted 24 gauge wire. The cuff itself can be opened and closed for security and comfort. The earcuffs design(the twisted wire piece) can be slid around the earcuff itself for the wearer to adjust its position to fit their ear. These earcuffs are wonderfully comfortably and conveniently adjustable with just your fingers. The additional photo (shown in lapis)gives a view of the opening wear the earcuff attaches to the ear. It is very smooth and round for comfort. There is also a wearing and adjusting instruction video for viewing at the Zannedelions website. Request your side preference when ordering.

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