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Mommy and Me Bracelet*Arianna**** Vitrailbracelet, rose gold for Baby Showerbracelet, Christmas



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The vitrail/rose gold bracelet pairs well with any of my options but can also stand alone as an instant classic. You can't go wrong with this bracelet as it is the perfect accent to any outfit. Mommy and me bracelets show off delicate beauty in a high-quality, durable fashion. Compliments are sure to abound at play dates to dinner parties. This bracelet will highlight her dainty wrist.My jewelry is made with only the highest quality materials that have been tried, tested and approved by this little one pictured. I only use only gold filled and sterling silver components making your jewelry last and look beautiful for years to come. Any other beads I use are high quality semi-precious or precious stones. See guide for sizing***Newborn to 6 months**** 4.0"6 months to 12 months****4.5"12 months to 4 years****5.0"4 years to 6 years****5.5", kids

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