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olive green glass, Beach Glass Bracelet - Olive Green Sea Glass Sterling Silver Wire Bracelet - One of a Kind Freeform Sea Glass - Silver Wire Sculpted Bangle



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A slice of "real" sea glass --olive green in color and freeform in shape-- is the center point for this fabulous sterling silver wirewrapped bracelet. The band is sturdy--six strands of sterling silver wire, 4 plain and 2 twist, make up the bangle part. The beautiful olive green glass piece is surrounded by sweet swirls. Do you ever wonder what pieces of sea glass were in their former life? This color green...who remembers the soda 7-Up? This is made for a medium wrist, measuring about 7-1/4" around. I have more sea glass pieces, so if you'd like a bracelet like this in a different size, I'm happy to show you pictures and let you pick from my selection! Just message me and we'll figure it out.If the special ladies in your life love unique, only-one-in-the-world accessories, this would be a fabulous gift. Sister, Mom, Grandma, best friend. Birthday, anniversary, Christmas. Sure to be a hit!, wirewrapped bracelet

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