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Antique Edwardian Locket with Engraved Monogram Initials E A M in Gold Filledmemorabilia, Sweetheart WWI Locket with Memorabilia and Photographs



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Antique Edwardian Locket with Engraved Monogram Initials E A M in Gold Filled, Sweetheart WWI Locket with Memorabilia and PhotographsThis charming locket is a wonderful estate antique find from the Edwardian era. In gold filled, the delightful locket is round in shape and has gorgeous engraved monogram with the letters E A M. The fancy engraving is so pretty with the intersecting flowing initials, such a work of art! Inside, the locket has both of the bezels and photo covers. The locket is unmarked gold filled. It opens west to east with a finger nail notch on the left side and it closes with crisp snap, remaining tightly closed. The locket is plain on the back.This locket is a beautiful love story dating to the World War I era. Inside the locket tucked behind the photos were tokens of love and memorabilia that pull at the heart strings, the locket is full of sentimentality. To me, it is sad that no family members claimed this sweet locket. The keepsakes are faded sepia pictures of a man and a woman. The initials on the locket are perhaps the woman's or a combination of the couple. There is also a tied lock of light brown hair. In addition, there is I LOVE U snippet written in fountain ink and a snippet of a logo caduceus, Ambulance Company No 105, 27th Division USA. This looks to be cut from a letter as there is writing on the back and I am sure the I love u was part of the letter as wellInteresting brief history: The New York 27th Division was part of National Guard called into service in 1917, trained at Camp Wadsworth and around the area of Flanders in France.An enchanting gift for a birthday gift or anniversary keepsake or wedding especially if the initials are E A M ... the darling locket will be a treasured token of love. Beautiful something old.Condition: Very good with minimal wear, light patina and one small mark on back.Of note: I will include the treasures inside but if you prefer not to have them, let me know! I think the history is fascinating Measurements: the locket is 1-1/4" in size, monogram initials

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