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Classic small hoop earrings Minimalist goldfilled or silver semi circle sleepers Everyday simpleWe make them to order - just pick your preferred material from the menu or request a custom one instead !Each small hoop is individually hand-shaped from round wire (your choice of raw brass, goldfilled or recycled 925 silver). The outline is enhanced and the wire strengthened by accent hammering. Flattened sections shimmer and reflect the light beautifully contrasting with the thinner round segments. Light and elegant, simple hoop earrings.material: wire 0.8 mm round- raw yellow/ gold-tone jeweller's brass- recycled standard 925 silver- goldfilled wire with slightly rose hue / Gold Filled 5% 12K ( 12 ct gold wire top layer mechanically bonded to core of brass wire )Combine with a geometric bangle stack of contrasting colours or shapes :https://www./shop/minimalgeometric/search?search_query=bangle, silver hoop

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