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brass, Garden Quartz + Brass Crystal Himmeli Pendant



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This is a geometric prism necklace handmade by me in my little pink house in Portland, Oregon. I believe that jewelry should be special and should have meaning so I bring that into these pieces. I hand pick unique crystal specimens then use antiqued brass findings to custom build a prism around them. No two are alike. These are true statement pieces that you will love to wear daily!This double terminated Garden Quartz is a gorgeous piece - with the beautiful inclusions and copper colored threads inside it. I love Garden Quartz because each piece contains a tiny world within it. It is also known as landscape quartz or Lodalite,Prism is made up of 12 thin antiqued brass tubes woven together. It measures 2.5" tall, 1.25" wide and about .75" deep. Hangs on a 34" antiqued brass chain with a lobster clasp. Each necklace includes a tag that lists the properties of the stone.GARDEN QUARTZ PROPERTIES:Can be used to purify and amplify. Has the ability to unblock and realign your chakras. Ideal for setting intentions and releasing fear. Stimulates lucid dreaming and helps one get in touch with strength and emotions., garden quartz

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