Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

brass jewelry, Pyrite necklace fools gold necklace raw cut natural stone pyrite jewelry short chain necklace for women black and gold brass jewelry - Pyra



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\u2022 Pyrite (fool's gold) raw nugget** pendant\u2022 Matte black plated beaded chain\u2022 Oxidized brass chain\u2022 Oxidized brass lobster clasp** Each nugget's shape is unique! Size will stay similar, but shape may vary from picture.Necklace about 20in (50cm) all around.--\u2022 Pendentig de pierre de pyrite**\u2022 Cha\u00eene \u00e0 billes plaqu\u00e9e noire mat\u2022 Cha\u00eene de laiton oxid\u00e9\u2022 Attache "pince de crabe" en laiton oxid\u00e9** Chaque pierre est de forme unique! La grosseur restera similaire, mais la forme pourrais \u00eatre diff\u00e9rente.Collier longueur environ 20po (50cm) tout autour., canadian shops

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