Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

PROTECTION FEATHER NECKLACE. Good Luck Handmade Boho Jewelry. Seed Beads. Cotton Tassel. Interchangeable Charms. Openstudiobeads. Openstudio



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Total length: 35 1/4" + 2" extender chain + 2" Feather Charm and 2 Cotton Tassels. (Feather is 55 mm. x 13 mm.) Super long, can be wrapped around your wrist several times as a bracelet!Composed with Interchangeable Feather Charm and Cotton Tassel, a mixed variety of Seed Beads and Stainless Steel clasp with extender chain. One of a kind, made in my USA studio. Sometimes I alternate these rare and unique creations among my own Murano glass art handmade Beads and Jewelry. PLEASE CLICK ON ZOOM FOR BETTER DETAILS ON PHOTOS.I believe in the inherent power of magical protection that my glass art beads and jewelry bring and provide. Thank you for watching. Have fun!

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