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3 choices of Whale Tail Earrings; White Sea Glass and Whale Tail Earrings gold, Whale Tail Earrings antique gold, Whale Tail Earrings silver.White Sea Glass I found on the beach in Maui. The sea glass was glass, probably a bottle, tossed in the ocean. The ocean and sand tossed the glass bottle, breaking and polishing into unique pieces of glass tossed onto the beach. Also known as beach glass. And now sea glass jewelry! One of kind earrings.I wrapped the sea glass with gold filled wire and attached a golden chain. Then added golden whale tails on gold filled ear wires. Truly stunning. These earrings are perfect for the whale watchers, beach combers, and Hawaiian breezes. Whale Tail Earrings in antique gold or silver, beautiful! Reminds me of Hawaii in February and March when the humpback whales congregate to get dates, have babies, and make babies. Drop a note in the personalization box if you'd like a color crystal or lava added for free.Ear wire guards are included ~ use them and you won't lose your earrings. Nothing worse than losing ONE earring. But if you do, I'll be happy to make the Lone Ranger Earring into a pendant for ya!I repurpose and reuse as much packaging as possible ~ saves the planet and lowers costs.Follow me on Instagram: suelynneinthecityFollow me on Pinterest: suelynneinthecityFollow me on Facebook: suelynneinthecity, sea glass

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