Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

heart pendant, Heart Parade Necklace in Sterling Silver and Gold - Choose your finish! - Valentine's Day Pendant Gift



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These hearts are on parade! Five hearts in a row. It comes in two options. The first option is solid sterling silver on a sterling silver chain. The second option is gold plated sterling silver with a gold filled chain. Both options measure about 1.75 inches long and .75 inches tall. This image can be symbolic of so many things, a relationship with yourself, your partner, your child, your pet. It's up to you to give them meaning. For all my gold jewelry, go here:https://www./shop/marmar?ref=seller-platform-mcnavFor my entire collection go here: https://www./shop/marmar/Domestic and International items are shipped First Class from the USA without a receipt and in a gift box. Let me know your gift message at checkout if you are shipping directly as a gift.To see my entire store go here: https://www./shop/marmarTo see my gemstone and modern store go here:https://www./shop/marmarModernTo see my pewter and glass store go here:https://www./shop/marmarsuperstar, gold heart charm

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