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Small Star of Ishtar. Cast silver, lapis lazuli, patina. Features a select grade lapis lazuli, the stone traditionally attributed to Inanna. Measures approximately 28mm in diameter. "My father gave me the heavens, gave me the earth, I am Inanna! Kingship he gave me, queenship he gave me, waging of battle he gave me, the attack he gave me, the floodstorm he gave me, the hurricane he gave me! The heavens he set as a crown on my head, the earth he set as sandals on my feet, a holy robe he wrapped around my body, a holy sceptre he placed in my hand. " Known as the Lady of Myriad Offices, Inanna was the goddess of infinite variety. She was called the Queen of Heaven by the ancient Mesopotamians, and was the goddess of love, beauty, sex, desire, war, justice and political power. Her most common symbol was the eight pointed star.Each piece is hand fabricated and made to order. Please allow approximately two to three weeks for casting and creation. Items that are in stock will ship within one to two days. Includes an 18 inch sterling silver 1.4mm box chain. Please double check measurements and view all photos before purchase, note that 25mm = 1"., star of ishtar

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