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sterling silver, Sterling Silver Wave Ring (custom fit to any size)



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Very fun wave ring. I have had fun with these lately. The ring is hand shaped, welded, and pounded and is made out of solid 925 sterling silver 14 gauge wire. Each ring is hand made by me so the one you will get may differ slightly from the one shown. But I try my best to keep them similar. *Sizing* Please know your exact size before ordering and pick it from the drop down menu. *Care*Sterling silver will tarnish over time and can be polished with a jeweler's cloth or metal polish. If you wear the ring all the time, it will stay relatively shiny from hand washing.The Sunshine\u00ae Polishing cloth also works great at removing tarnish and grime:https://www./listing/867863403/sunshine-polishing-cloth-sunshine-cloth?ref=shop_home_active_1, metal

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