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statement ring, Pink Crystal Ring Antique Pink or Pink Rosaline Swarovski Crystal Wire Wrapped in Sterling Silver Ring Cocktail Ring Statement Ring



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This listing is for a beautifully faceted pale pink colored Swarovski Crystal bead ring wire wrapped with sterling silver. You can choose between antique pink and pink rosaline for your ring.I have this ring available in other colors! The bead measures about 14mm.Here are more crystal options http://www./shop/phoebestreasure?section_id=5240079 The wire I use is solid Argentium sterling silver. Argentium sterling silver is more pure than traditional sterling silver (935 vs 925). Argentium is brighter, stronger, more tarnish resistant and is made from ethically sourced silver. It is also nickel free and hypoallergenic. This \u201cstairway\u201d bead style has been discontinued by Swarovski. When I am out of the beads, I will not be able to get any more. I only have a limited number of beads in a few of the colors left.The wire goes all the way through the bead so there will be some movement of the bead since the crystal is secured by the wire and not glued in., crystal ring

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