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small cuff braceletHammered and Stamped Copper Cuff Bracelet - 14 Gauge Copper - Swirl Design - Fits Small to Medium Wrist - Width 1/2 Inch



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hammered copperBright copper cuff, hammered with swirl designs stamped in. This is heavy 14 gauge copper, which I hammered to give it some texture. Then I stamped swirls all along the length of it. Shaped to a nice cuff shape. This cuff is 5 3/4 inches in length, with a 1 inch gap. There is some flexibility to it so you can adjust it a bit to fit your wrist.This copper is not oxidized or treated with any wax. To keep it penny shiny, store it in a zip lock bag. Or leave it out for awhile so it turns a nice chocolate golden color, and just polish it up a bit with a polishing cloth.

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