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Sterling Silver Pearl Penannular Broochcircle, Fibulacircle, Scarf Pincircle, Shawl Pincircle, Kilt Pincircle, Clasp



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MADE TO ORDERThis brooch was hand forged in the ancient form of a penannular clasp with a modern touch of a pearl trapped at the tip. It will hold firm if you insert the tongue pin into a knit or open weave fabric, then slide it through the opening and under the circle. Turn the circle to lock in place. The first 2 pictured are the 14 gauge sterling silver 2" diameter version; the last three are 10g 3" but I can also make it 12g 2 1/2 inches. I make this pin with a gray colored cultured pearl (slightly irregular)., freshwater pearl

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