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anglo-saxon, Viking/Anglo-Saxon German Silver Toiletry Set



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This is a toiletry set of a kind common to Vikings and Anglo Saxons. It consists of an ear scoop, a pick, and a set of tweezers. The ear scoop and pick are generic, matching an number of real examples while the tweezers are copied from an extant set. They are all made of German silver (a silver colored brass alloy) with a hand stamped designs. Many reproduction tweezers are not particularly good as functional tweezers. These, however, are carefully made so that they close very tightly and are more functional than many store bought tweezers. They are good for any number of tasks including plucking your enemy's eyes out (got Ravens to feed?). The pick and the ear scoop will also, no doubt, find uses in smiting you enemies (or at least keeping clean). Get yours now and be ready for anything. Remember that a clean Viking is a happy Viking., anglo-saxon

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