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Pink glass seahorse bead, Lampwork seahorse necklace pendant, glass jewelry, focal bead, SRA art glass animal pendant from Isinglass Design, glassbead. ***Choose whether you'd like this bead all by itself, or bailed on sterling silver and on a cord, ready to wear***Colors and special features:* Rubino oro pink Italian Moretti glass background* Decorated with white enamel and green glass frit. * Fins and twisted tail of pink and clear. * Green eyes. * Please be aware that the colors in the photo will vary depending on differences in computer screens- I've tried to make them as accurate as possible.Size: * 40mm from head to tail by 24mm from nose to fin (1 5/8 x 7/8 in). * Built on 3/32 inch mandrel; fits easily on a 1 mm or smaller cord.Find out more about me, lampwork and my passion for glass here!http://www./shop/glassbead/aboutMore glass for your viewing pleasure:http://www./shop/glassbeadPeople have worn amulets and talismans throughout history to make their world a brighter place. It is my hope that these small pieces of wearable art glass will become some of the treasured bits of art in your daily life, and will make your days a little bit brighter.OOAK- Each Isinglass Design bead is individually handmade and one of a kind. Even I could never make another one exactly like it.SRA #A39 (self-representing artist) art glass from Isinglass Design; all of my beads are handmade lampwork (flamework) glass made by me, properly kiln annealed and well cleaned. The glass used in this turtle is the same as that used to make glass beads in Italy (Murano).TT team, Cgge team, Aretsy team, LE team, SRA, SRAJD, pink seahorse

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