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Delicate silver plated leaf wreath in teardrop shaped on resin invisible clip on earrings setting.It's around 3.3cm long.It is the most comfortable clip on earrings, it had been tested on myself, my daughter and my friend! They are secure and comfortable! If you have non-pierced ears like us, you will fall in love with this and make yourself look great everyday!\u266b Item will be packed in a gift box with ribbon for keeping or gift-giving. \u266b\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1fFOLLOW me on Instagram : my Facebook page :\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f, bridesmaid earrings

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