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fold, Pinched rectangle - red and brown foldformed copper earrings



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Striking handmade foldformed earrings in heat treated and patinaed copper. Pinchformed round copper earrings. 1-3/8 inch (36mm) by 1" (25mm) rectangle folded, creased, and hammered to a three dimensional structure, colored red and brown with heat treatment. Earwires are 14/20 gold-filled: a heavy layer of gold wrapped around a base metal core. The red patina on the upper part comes about from heating the copper to a glow with a flux on the surface which fuses to the copper and keeps the red oxide from browning as it cools. After it has cooled, the earrings are heated again to a lower temperature while brushing on silver nitrate patina. The copper is sealed with lacquer to keep the colors bright and prevent wear and oxidization.We have been working with foldforming techniques for a couple of years now. Foldforming involves folding and hammering sheets of ductile metals to create three-dimensional forms which arise naturally from the compression and spreading of the metal. In this style, which we call pinchforming, we fold the sheet over, hammer a crease into the fold, continue hammering it until the fold spreads enough that the creased ridge takes on a curve which, upon unfolding, imparts a swell and curve to the entire piece.In these earrings, the color all comes from heating the copper till it glows while it is still folded. The intricately mottled brown color is on the top surface, while the red comes out on the underside where it heats and cools more or less protected from the air., new wave

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