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kaleidoscope, Pink Blue Bangle Kaleidoscope Polymer Clay Boho Bracelet Gift For Best Friend One Size White Black



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Handmade polymer clay kaleidoscope Bangle.This bangle is entirely made out of polymer clay. No paints or supporting base was used - just layers of clay.The inner surface is black and has a relief swirl decoration. The kaleidscope pattern decorative veneer has been thoroughly sanded through several grits of sandpaper and buffed shiny.This bangle is rigid and therefore will only fit certain-sized hands. The interior diameter of the bangle is 2.5"(6.25cm),and the inside circumference is 8"(20cm).See my other bangles here:http://www./shop/PenelopeStern?section_id=5253510In an effort to combat COVID-19 related shipping delays, all orders are now sent Express. However your patience and understanding are still appreciated. Free shipping is still available for orders over $35.Join my Facebook Fanpage for news, shipping deals and promotions. Thanks for visiting my shop!http://www.PenelopeStern., polymer clay boho

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