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mermaid jewelry, Orchid Necklace Earring Set Tropical Flower Jewelry Made with Real Fish Scales TNI10



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Handcrafted 3 Dimensional Orchid on an Adjustable 16 to 18 inch Gold Plated Cable Chain and Stud Earrings with Comfort BacksQuantity per selection 1 Set Decorated with Gold Paint and Glitter accentsItem no TNI10Measurements are approximate. Charm 1.25 1 inch or 32mm Long by 1.25 inch or 32mm WideEarrings 7/8 inch or 24mm Long by 1 inch or 25mm WideUsing genuine fish scales, usually from Gar Grouper or SnapperScales are graded for size and quality, then thoroughly cleaned, processed and dyed using colors extracted from natural sources. A beautifully delicate, lightweight, strong, handmade piece of wearable art. No one will ever guess these marvelous jewels originated with a fish!See more beautiful mermaid jewelry made with fish scales herehttps://www./shop/GrassShackTrading?search_query=fish+scaleIn stock. Shipped daily from Florida USA, flower

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