Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

rosary beads, Opal: Vintage Pink Assemblage necklace rose quartz and pink opal Pale Pink Rhinestone earring repurposed jewelry Rosary cross



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OPALShe dreamed of the day she would be free to tell him her secrets, free of the bondage of her past. Until then, she will remain hopeful and steadfast that with Spring, comes new life, new beginnings and new chances.I love this necklace. I have combined a pink floral vintage earring with rhinestones with a silver toned crucifix . Hanging from new brushed silver chain, I have added a large rose quartz with pale pink rosary beads. Opposite the quartz is a combination of pink opal stones and a small rose quartz stone. This necklace is designed to clasp on the side.Necklace is 19.25 inches long, assemblage necklace

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