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Copper & Sterling Silver Spinner Ringmeditation ring, Arthritis Thumb or Finger Ringmeditation ring, Worry Ringmeditation ring, Fidget Ringmeditation ring, Meditation Ringmeditation ring, Spinning Ringmeditation ring, Turning Ring



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Copper & Sterling Silver Spinner Ring, spinning, turning, worry, fidget, meditation, thumb or finger arthritis ring available Patina, Oxidized, Custom Made to Order by LoveThemBeadsspinner rings are so much fun to wear and surprisingly very comfortable. the band is 7 to 8mm wide and is fabricated with 99.9% pure jewelry quality copper sheet metal. the band is polished to a high shine inside and out and is forged just enough so that the spinner portion of the ring is held captive and spins freely with the lightest touch. thus, making this ring really fun to play with. the spinning band is made with a thick gauge of argentium sterling silver.\ud83c\udf1f available patina/oxidized or\ud83c\udf1f available bright/shiny finish\u2714\ufe0f select your preferred size\ud83d\udd28 please allow 1 to 2 days for the fabrication of your ring. it may take up to 5 business days if i need to order more metal\ud83c\udfa8 each item is handmade and may vary slightly from the one pictured\ud83d\udcec upon completion your purchase(s) will be headed your way on the next available usps mail truck \u2753 if you are unsure of your size maybe this link can be of some assistance:\ud83c\udf81 your purchase will be lovingly placed in a small cotton filled gift box, wrapped with colorful tissue paper and placed in a drawstring gift bag.\u3030\ud83c\udf80\u3030\ud83c\udf81\u3030\ud83c\udf80\u3030gift wrapping available as an add on purchase during the checkout procedure\u3030\ud83c\udf80\u3030\ud83c\udf81\u3030\ud83c\udf80\u3030\ud83d\udccc a lot of my customers, and myself, are wearing copper jewelry to help with arthritis pain. i, too, was skeptical until one day not too long ago my hands were aching terribly. i grabbed some copper wire and made a bracelet for myself. with in 15 minutes i felt relief in the same hand i put the bracelet on. it took 3 weeks before i started feeling relief in the other hand. since then i have made a bracelet for each wrist of copper and i made copper rings for the problem fingers. very seldom do i have pain in my hands. \u2753the FAQ i get is "will copper turn my wrist/finger/toe green?"the answer is YES and the solution is soap and water. you see copper naturally patinas just sitting in the air. the outside layer of the metal will turn darker. this i a natural process. and the process speeds up when worn as jewelry. the oil from your skin and the friction caused by wearing the jewelry will 'clean the patina' off of the copper and transfer the residue to your skin, which looks green. no biggie, just wash your bracelet or ring, while you are wearing it, with soap and water. after a week or so you will notice that the amount of 'green' has decreased dramatically and your copper jewelry has taken on a whole new darkened look. at this point the more you wear your copper the prettier it will look.\ud83d\udc99\u3030\ud83d\udc9c\u3030\ud83d\udc99\ud83d\udc49 custom orders welcomed\ud83d\udc4d contact me today.\ud83d\udcad let's put our heads together and i'll make a custom listing for you.\ud83d\udc99\u3030\ud83d\udc9c\u3030\ud83d\\ud83d\udc99\u3030\ud83d\udc9c\u3030\ud83d\udc99, fidget ring

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