Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Surfer Girl Necklacebeach, Ocean Wavebeach, Big Wave Surferbeach, Chunky Wood Necklacebeach, Natural Maple Woodbeach, Surfer Necklacebeach, by Laura Cesari for Caballera



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Surfer Girl NecklaceOcean WaveChunky Style Wood PendantA Courageous Big Wave Surfer Girl rides a Swirly Ocean Wave.Etched in natural Maple wood, known for its shimmery warm golden tones.Natural Maple WoodGloss VarnishLaser-EtchedFrom my original drawings, inspired by decorative arts, folklore, and nature.The Ocean Wave was originally released in 2016 as part of my coloring book, Mama Meditations. Please visit my shop for more:caballera.There's more jewelry based on my drawings in my other shop, Chain of Being:chainofbeing.Original Drawing & Pendant Design by Laura Cesari for Caballera 2017, wood necklace

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