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amber cabochon, Prehistoric Baltic Amber in filigree sterling silver ring Made in USA by me - ethical 10mm natural amber Custom sized His/Hers Camelot ring



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The amber in this ring is 10mm and has been tested to be sure it is genuine. Some of the cabs have little tiny critters (fossil inclusions) in them and most do not. Those have sold. They range in color as well. Medieval ? Guinevere & King Arthur in Camelot? I can also make this one with 8mm Amber.I cannot but love the amber!Amber presents a window into our past, preserving in a golden ampule, a history almost forgotten.Let your mind drift back to a time when traffic jams, cell phones, and quarter-hour schedules did not exist. When exotic plants breathed unpolluted air, when wonderous nomore creatures roamed an unspoiled planet. Feel yourself within a foggy Baltic wood on a warm summer morning. You can hear the waves crashing in the distance as you descend into the forest. Hovering near an ancient oak, you see the golden liquid oozing onto its branches, capturing time forever in an amber capsule. All metal is .925 sterling silver and .999 fine silver from reclaimed and recycled sources. It is eco friendly. The band is wide filigree (18 ga = 1mm ). Very dainty! It would be cute on a mom, a little sister or daughter!I can make it on a wider band if you fancy that. Practically any size is available. I can do sizes: 3\u00bd, 4, 4\u00bd, 5, 5\u00bd, 6, 6\u00bd, 7, 7\u00bd, 8, 8\u00bd, 9, 9\u00bd, 10, 10\u00bd, 11, 11\u00bd, 12, 12\u00bd, 13, 13\u00bd, 14, 14\u00bd, 15. I can certainly do larger sizes but will have to discuss it with you first and get measurements to be sure I am getting it right. (My mandrel really just goes to size 15.) Quarter sizes are also available.Thank you for looking at my ring.Please contact with any questions or requests.GIFT WRAPPEDEvery original Apache Moon piece comes with a studio card identifying the artist and materials. If there is a reasonable way of signing it, each piece is signed. Every purchase is gift wrapped.As always at the Apache Moon, 100% of profit goes to the Animals!, 925 sterling silver

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