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RESERVED FOR C1 carat diamond, Blue Diamond Ring 1 carat diamond, 18 kt Solid Gold and Blue Diamond Engagement Ring1 carat diamond, Ancient Style Diamond Ring



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This is now reserved$400 paidThis unique solid gold ring centers around a stunning Blue diamondIt is .90 carats and is just gorgeous in its teal blue color.The stone is clear and unbelievably sparkly.The bezel around the diamond is 22 kt gold, and the rest is all solid 18 kt recycled gold.The design is rustic- with visible took marks and texturing.On each side there are 2 sparkling 1.3 mm diamonds set into the band for a nice extra sparkle.The gold has been given a soft matte finish- for a very rich look on the high carat gold.Size is 6.75, but can be enlarged a half size or so, solid gold ring

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