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The first in our Memoir jewelry line, inspired by the stories of real people, this gorgeous handmade and customizable signet ring has a North star on the front and a hand engraved horse on the underside. Reminiscent of Victorian jewelry in both style and symbolism, this is a perfect modern day piece for the person traversing life's difficulties.The two symbols on this ring are the future and past of one woman's story (see her in the last photo!) - Cynthia went through a harrowing divorce and came out on the other side as a single mother of a little boy. The star, which symbolizes Cynthia's hope for the future, holds her son's birthstone. The horse is there to remind her of her tremendous strength; during her darkest days, a person had told her "You're the horse I'd bet on." The horse engraving is deliberately placed such that only the wearer will know it's there and will always remember that strength. Read Cynthia's story in her own words: stones in this ring are entirely custom - you choose which combination you'd like, and any combination is possible. Pictured is a citrine stone in the center and diamonds flanking on either side, as well as a peridot stone in the center flanked by ruby and sapphire. The stones themselves can add symbolism to the piece, as Cynthia chose with a combination of her birthstone and her son's.With stones, price varies and is listed depending on whether or not you're choosing a more expensive stone, or "other" stones, and in what combination (top stone only, all stones, or just side stones):D = DiamondS = SapphireR = RubyE = Emerald "Other" = citrine, aquamarine, cubic zirconia, etc.Each stone measures 1.5 mm (.015 carat each). The face of the ring measures approximately 1/2" by slightly over 1/4".14k gold is available upon request and will be available more widely soon - please message me for more information.Once you place your order, please message me with the stones you'd like and where in the ring. All stones, where possible, will be reclaimed/recycled. This ring takes approximately 2-3 weeks production time, and is not returnable given the level of customization involved.Lastly, know that this ring is handmade from start to finish! I made the original ring, and then jewelers on the historic Jeweler's Row in Philadelphia did the stone setting and hand engraving. Your money goes to support the livelihood of many!* * * * * * * *Stacey Fay Designs Etsy homepage: StaceyFayDesigns. See the "sister" pendant to this ring: https://www./listing/537280086/custom-vintage-style-north-star-horse?ref=shop_home_feat_3 Sign up for our newsletter for 10% off your first purchase: . Please refer to our shop policies before purchasing: https://www./shop/StaceyFayDesigns/policyEach purchase is beautifully wrapped, and a complimentary gift card can be included upon request.Follow us on social media for the insider scoop on sales and new items! \u2726 Instagram - @StaceyFayDesigns\u2726 Pinterest -\u2726 Facebook -, divorce ring

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