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aqua, Polished Stingray Silver Lined Cuff in Aqua (Center Cut) - by UNEARTHED



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This is one utterly fantastic cuff.\rIt is crafted from 100% STINGRAY, hand dyed to a very cool aqua/ teal blue.\rI am so in love with this piece, the color really is just gorgeous in person, it is a creamy, cool, elegant wintery blue that reminds me of icebergs, snowflakes, and arctic pools of crystal clear water.\r\r\rThe texture is unusual for stingray....stingray leather feels and looks as if it is made of millions of minuscule seed beads all gathered together and set flat on one single surface, however, this particular stingray has been hand sanded to give it a smooth as glass finish!\rThe beads are still visible, but have been polished flat and the surface has a gorgeous glass-like shine to it and feels incredible to the touch.\rWhat makes this particular piece so very special however, is the cut. This cuff showcases the beautiful and highly desirable center spine, which are the creamy white stone like segments in the very center. These hard as rock and completely natural pieces are the trade mark of the stingray, so to speak, and each full hide will only have one of these small natural segments. This is truly a RARE, and absolutely gorgeous piece, perfect for someone who appreciates the beauty in the details. For the true stingray admirer!\r\r\rThis is a very versatile cuff, perfect for day or a splash of color at night. Sure to draw many compliments:)\rThe color really is spectacular, and I have never found anything else like it.\r\rThe cuff interior is silver plated brass, and will fit a wide variety of wrist sizes, from 5 inches up to 8 inches!\r\r\rThe open cuff design offers easy on, easy off, and is very comfortable when on.\r\r\r\r\u2665 This one is a real show stopper!\r\r\u2665 The vast majority of our materials are by-product leathers. Please see our profile for more detailed information on who we are, what we do, and our policies!\rThank you for looking., stingray

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