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jewelry, Mother Daughter Cuttlefish Necklace Set - Set of Two Sterling Silver Cuttlefish Necklaces



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A cute and unusual gift for the moms and daughters in your life! These cuttlefish are made from solid sterling silver, the mom measures 3/4" high and the baby 1/2" high. The "baby" hangs from a 16" silver-plated cable chain and the "mom" hangs from an 18" silver-plated cable chain.If you want two kids:https://www./listing/87244713/two-kids-famiy-necklaceTo see the "mother" necklace:https://www./listing/527502707/sterling-cuttlefish-necklace-cute-silverTo see the "daughter" necklace:https://www./listing/519948555/sterling-cuttlefish-necklace-silverAnd to see the matching earrings:https://www./listing/518919395/cuttlefish-earrings-sterling-silverTo see all my family necklaces go here:https://www./shop/marmar?ref=l2-shopheader-name§ion_id=8119719Items are shipped without a receipt in a gift box. If you'd like to include a gift message, please let me know. I ship First Class for domestic orders and First Class for international orders. To see my entire store go here: https://www./shop/marmarTo see my gemstone and modern store go here:https://www./shop/marmarModernTo see my pewter and glass store go here:https://www./shop/marmarsuperstar, mother son

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