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gift for daughterN-GC494This is a beautiful personalized Sister Gift, Flower girl, Junior Bridesmaid, Mini Bride, Daughter or niece gift necklace & bracelet in Ivory pearl. Very classy un-stretchable necklace & stretchable bracelet with personalized name & charm of your choice. Please Choose specific charm and Age from the drop down. Please note that children under 3 years of age should only wear this jewelry with adult supervision.Very Important: Please Mention the Name, Color of Pearl of your choice before check out of the order. Thank You!Material : 8mm Ivory Glass PearlsColor : IvoryNecklace Length : 14 inches with 2 inches extension Age 5 - 7 Years OldBracelet Type : stretchable 6 inchesGuarantee : 100% satisfaction for material & workmanship used in making this jewelryFree Customization Service : We can make matching earrings and/or customize the jewelry per your style, color choices.You can add gift box or gift pouch with personalized card messagehttps://www./listing/255243626/gift-box-cards-from-fashionjewelryforeve?ref=listings_manager_tableFLOWER GIRL CARDS1. My dreams have come true, and soon I am going to be a bride, Will you be my flower girl and walk down by my side?2. To the most beautiful little lady who carries flowers I would be honored if you would be my flower girl and help me celebrate this joyful hour.Please be my flower girl.3. She will be a princess in her gown and will brings joy to this special hour We will be honored that she would stand with us and make our wedding day the best of all. Will you be our flower girl?4.As we walk down the aisle on this special day We have a favor to ask and "yes" is what you say, Will you be our flower girl on our wedding day?5. For a cute little princess who is so dear and sweet I ask you to be my flower girl as without you, my wedding day would just not be completeI will be honored to have you as my flower girl.6.As we walk down the aisle we want you to lead the way. Will you be our flower girl on our wedding day?7. We want you to walk down by our side on this big day of ours. We couldn't pick a more beautiful girl Who will bring joy to this special hourPlease do us the honor and be our flower girl8.She is little girl in her gown an important part of our special day We are glad that she can stand with us and make the best of our wedding dayThank you for being our flower girl!9,Thank you for leading the way down the aisleon our special day! Wear your bracelet as reminder that you are Amazing and very special!10. Thank you for being our flower girl and helping lead the way.11. Will you be my flower girl?JUNIOR BRIDESMAID CARDS12. Will you be my Princess for a dayand my Bridal Shower helperI can't imagine saying "I do" without you!Will you be my Junior Bridesmaid?13. NameYou are the sweetest of allA very special guest of this beautiful hourToday a Junior BridesmaidForever my nieceI couldn't say "I do" without you!Thank you for being my Junior Bridesmaid.14. To a very special girl who is close to my heartI am honored that you will play a very special partAt the time of assembling a team of all my girlsTo tie up my ribbons and fasten my pearlsI want you to be by my sidethe day I become a bride.Will you be my Junior Bridesmaid?Click on fashionjewelryforeve. to see my other designs. Each piece is carefully thought out and is my own original design.

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