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swarovski crystals, Lucky Black Kitty Cat Earrings from Cornerstoregoddess EHAG



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The Witch's Christmas Mystical Magical Black Catsof CZECH PRESSED GLASS, BALI SILVER, STERLING SILVER, & SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS They're dark and alluring. They twirl and sparkle. They hint at mystery. Sparkling crystals dangle beneath these black cats, of Czech glass.They are wire-wrapped with sterling silver, set off with Bali silver daisies. They drop approximately 1-1/2" (38.1 mm) beneath sterling silver ear wires. They can be made as clip-ons or lever-backs for a small additional cost. Just ask.They are handmade and unique ~ an opportunity to give or wear something handmade rather than mass-produced., swarovski crystals

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