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february birthstone, Fluorite and Amethyst Silver earrings



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These sterling silver earrings are made with light blue fluorite beads and faceted deep purple amethyst beads, and all metal is sterling silver. Fluorite is a very high vibration semiprecious stone, believed to help with concentration and memory, as well as protective from electromagnetic energies generated by computers, etc. Amethyst is the birthstone of February, as well as a stone which enhances spirituality and inner strength. Fluorite in its blue color works on the throat chakra, and amethyst being purple works with the crown chakra. These earrings also come with rubber stoppers on the earwires that hep prevent the earrings from being lost while worn, not shown in photo. Of course using he rubber stoppers is optional. The aqua beads at the top and bottom are Czech glass., amethyst

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