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SHARK Necklace This shark necklace would be the perfect gift for that special friend or yourself.The beautiful glass, wood and metal beads were hand-strung onto black waxed linen necklace cord. I'm happy to customize beading and have a variety of colored cord besides black.The ferocious shark is very realistic looking and made of fine ceramic clay. They are individually hand painted so color varies a bit. The shark pendant measures 1 3/2 inch wide by 7/8 inch high. The necklace comes displayed on an attractive Crocodile Creations Card. On the back of the card is Totem information about the animal.Also, 100% of monthly proceeds from this Etsy shop benefits High Desert Tortoise Sanctuary & Reptile Rescue, a 501 (c) 3 non profit animal rescue. Formerly, International Reptile Rescue.We also have an eBay store "Crocodile Collectibles" for lots more unique and traditional items so please check it out. 100% of those sales also benefit the Sanctuary.SHARK TOTEMPeople with the shark as their totem can sometimes become irritable, anxious and aggressive. The shark\u2019s medicine for these people is to spend time alone to work on becoming more centered.Shark teaches how to accomplish "impossible" tasks by utilizing discernment and trust.A powerful totem shark teaches how to slow down and take stock of one\u2019s surroundings.When a shark appears it wants to teach you that during the course of learning you can attract events or people that are emotionally undesirable. However, the shark will give you the confidence and strength to ward them off., hammerhead

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