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A beautiful combination of Lavender Blue and pink and gold dichroic glass, layered on black. Dichroic glass is a wonderful medium to work with. The glass in its original from is coated with metallic properties created by NASA for the space program. But in the glass studio the studio the artistic possibilities are unlimited. The uniqueness of dichroic glass is its ability to both reflect colors and to transmit them.Often when dichroic glass is in contact with light it will change colors as it reflects off colors around it. That is what makes the glass so gorgeous, its contact with light sources. The sunlight can make it look one way and then the soft romantic glow of a candlelight can make it transmit different colors. Even the clothing you wear can change the colors of fired dichroic glass.I try to give you as many photographs as possible in different lighting conditions so you can see the glass properties. I don't use any dyes, decals or paints or pre cut glass. I hand cut each piece and then re piece it together in a pattern I think is appealing.Here are the details:1 1/4" x 1/2" dangle (includes ear wire length)My glass is all handmade here in my shop in Mexico and kiln fired with great care for over 36 hours.Very lightweight and easy to care for.Created in a smoke free environment.silver plated french cut ear wires and rubber backings for safety.They are shipped to you, wherever you are, and come in a beautiful ribbon wrapped box.Please read my shipping policies. From Mexico, registered mail can take 3-4 weeks.If you would like to know how we came to live in Mexico, you can follow the blog. Just google Good2go2Mexico or type in, dichroic jewelry

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