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Now, logically, I would not advise you to wear a cactus dangling from your ear, mere millimeters away from your precious, delicate skin. However, with these acrylic cactus earrings being so smooth and nice, I say, "Go for it!"I designed the pendants on my computer and laser cut them from acrylic. I used 1/8" mirrored gold and frosted green acrylic. They are mounted on a thin (1/16") white backing to keep them extra lightweight and fun to wear. These earrings measure about 3" by 2.5" These hang from gold ear hooks. If you prefer wrap around hooks (that work for plugs) no problem- just drop me a line in the notes to seller section!Did you know that almost all of our laser cut designs can be made into pins or magnets? Drop us a line to find out more!!!, lasercut

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