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karma chameleon pendula enamel earrings / lime greenpurple, creampurple, grape purple



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you've been seeing a pair of earrings quite similar to this in my self-portrait/earring modeling photos and because i loved them so much, i made another pair to share with you.also, i dedicate this neon-esque pair to DJ Hates You at Belvedere's, because a) he played an amazing 80s night set and b) he shares my love for Luscious Jackson.a great mix of colors: cream/beige, lime/neon green, and grape/dark purple. you might think this is a limited color palette, but these go great with grass green or black or yellow or orange or blue! seriously!sterling silver findings and ear wires with enameled copper. the disc backs are plain copper with some marbled heat patination, huffalo stamped, and sealed with lacquer.pendula vary in length from 2" - 2.75" (5 - 7 cm). the earrings modeled with mr. potato head are shown for size comparison., lime

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