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oxidized, Dome Ring- Oxidized with 3 black pearls



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Art Jeweler Amie Louise Plante creates this whimsical, sculptural and feminine ring from sterling silver and pearls. \r\rEach piece is hand made and signed by Amie Plante. This piece is available in other options: Silver, black or copper patina with black, pink or white pearls. For 2 pearls the cost is $95, for three the cost is $100. This piece is also available with other stone accents and would look great in combinations such as black and coral, silver and jade, etc. Please ask about pricing and images if interested in other options.\r\rThis item is available in several versions. Other items include: hoop earrings, pendant and brooch. If you would like to see more work please visit: \r\rPatinas are semi-permanent and may change slightly over time and with regular use- all patinas may brighten at various contact points, black and copper/multi patinas may darken, especially in recessed areas. This change is a natural trait of sterling silver jewelry that the artist embraces.\r\rIn order to maintain the appearance of the original piece. wash gently with mild soap and a soft cloth and keep piece stored in a plastic bag when not in use.\r\rEach item is custom made. Please allow up to 3 weeks for creation and shipping and be sure to specify ring size when ordering., oxidized

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