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Africa Pendant Necklace Cameo (USO) Bronze Metal Claywhite, Bone & Snow Quartz Beads 24 inches



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Pendant Necklace of my 'USO', face in Swahili, Collection. The idea of the design came to my attention while I was viewing a map of Africa. My daughter was living in Africa at the time possibly the reason for my inspiration.This Cameo is made from Bronze Metal Clay. The image was molded, details shaped, fired and then polished.The designs in Copper and Bronze Metal Clay are more rustic and textured than the ones made of Fine Silver Clay. Note: The facial details will vary due to handcrafting. This pendant measures 31mm x 24mm x 3mm and it hangsfrom a 24 inch Brown and White Bone and Snow Quartz Necklace. The Brown & White Bone Tube beads are 40mmx 6mm, the round Brown and White Bone Beads are 12mm and the Snow Quartz Pebbles range from 11mm to 6mm. Thenecklace ends with a Gold Plated Swivel lobster clasp and Gold Plated findings., jewelry

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