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c clasp, Vintage 15ct. Gold Opal ChipTube Brooch



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I've never seen anything quite like this, it was my Grandmothers and my mom has asked me to sell a few things of hers for her.I researched the markings for hours and could locate anything like them, so if anyone recognizes them or has any information on them, it would be appreciated. I'm fairly certain it's 15 ct gold based on the marking in the last photo.There is no damage to the pin and it is still in working condition.One of the markings kind of looks like what you would see for a 1696 London Hallmark, but I'm being more conservative dating it to the late 1800's.I'm not sure if it at one time held liquid, if it did there are no marks on the inside of the glass indicating that was the case.This is one of my favorite pieces of Grandma's so it is sentimental.I have read that these were considered a lace pin worn at the collar to hold the collar together.What I do know is it's rare to find a piece like this still intact, usually they have been broken over the years. The ends of the tubes have a great patina and original etching to the piece., opal

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