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African Jade Jewelry. Handmade bracelet is made with natural 4-7mm African Jade pebbles and is finished with a silver-plated toggle clasp. The size of this bracelet is measured from end to end of its toggle clasp.\r\rThe bracelet will arrive packaged in a box, ready for gift giving. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need a different size.\r\r\rAbout this stone... Lush avocado greens intertwine with mauve, maroon, brown and lighter shades of green in this semi-opaque stone. African "jade" blends colors in a variety of swirled, banded, veined, spotted and "crackled" patterns. Lighter areas of this gemstone material can show greater translucency than darker areas.\r\rAfrican Jade is mined in South Africa and is occasionally referred to as Transvaal Jade. It is considered to bring good luck, wealth, relaxation, and can improve the wearers response during a crucial situation. African Jade is also thought to be an important aid in business relationships and can help in keeping long distance relationships intact. It is a gemstone of general healing abilities and is considered to specifically aid kidney and skin related disorders and diseases.\r\rVisit my shop for more great gift giving ideas: http://www.jalayne., blue green bracelet

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