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For the Love of Horses. Beaded Horse Necklace, choose your favorite.This piece was inspired by the beautiful creature that it is, meant for all horse lovers, it represents horses and the freedom felt when you ride and jump the rails. Live to Ride ~ Ride to Live OR Ride to Jump!The horse represents Power, Grace, Beauty, Nobility, Strength and Freedom.It is linked as an emblem of life force. Many cultures assign the attributes of the four elements to the horse, Earth, Fire, Air and Water. The Native Americans believe the horse combines the grounded Earth with the whispers of wisdom found in the spirit winds, as a messenger. Some are addicted to the Ride of motion and strength.Unique Beadwork Artisan Designed Jewelry, Makes an Awesome Gift!The horse piece was made on a loom and the fringe was added one strand at a time. Glass seed beads were used and I added some faceted glass beads and hematite gemstones to the fringe. The horses are white, the background is a tan and then black color. The side pieces include two horseheads in a silhouette fashion, one on each side. This is my own design not a kit. The piece is signed with my initials right in the beadwork itself.The clasp end has sterling silver cones and a hook clasp also made of sterling silver.The total length is about 14.5". The framed horse about 2" tall and just shy of 1.5" wide. The fringe at the longest point is 3.5" long. The length of the necklace is about 18", I can add an extender chain by request if needed.The horse on a bead loom is to show you how it was made, the second piece/brown horse is a larger piece, sold separately.I did a lot of bead work and design back in the day, not much time for it now--I have a lot more to show you. I sold quite a few of these in many different horse colors back in my days when I attended period shows--this piece is marked down--it is the last one made in the large style.I have a special box of made pieces that are new and unworn--they are hard to part with for some reason. I guess all the time designing and then making them is part of it.I finally decided I just can't keep them all when I know there are those out there that need a unique piece of Bead Art.An unusual eye-catching design--It catches the eye for it has not been seen before.This is to be worn as a necklace if you wish. Some prefer to put the piece in frame to hang on the wall for all to enjoy as Bead Art--I'll leave that to you.Sorry but no custom orders on any of my beaded pieces.Great Gift ~ Get Your Unique Horse Gift Today!THANKS FOR STOPPING BYShips USPS Priority Mail or upgrade to express when purchasing.This piece will come in a gift box.Horses, Equestrian, Big necklace, Ride Horses, Beaded Horse, Beadwork, Beadloom Woven, Neckpiece, Frame It, Bead Art, Bead Weaving,, equestrian necklace

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