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Woodland copper hoop earringsrustic, textured brass earringsrustic, hammered large earrings



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Woodland, large hoop earrings, textured silver or copper hoop earrings, hammered brass earrings, thick silver hoop earringsTextured circle oversized hoops with a rustic organic accent-hammeredoutline in copper, brass or 925 silver. Pick golden brass or rose copper for the hoop to combine with the contrasting 925 silver ear bar fittings for an uplifting effect. For a subtle moon glow feel go for all silver... Inspired by the colours of woodlands, crisp outline of trees, sparkling water droplets on thin dark branches ... Each hoop is individually hand-shaped, hammered and drilled to fit the thinner ear wires. Made to order from 1.2 mm round wire - reclaimed copper- recycled standard 925 silver - raw yellow jeweller's brass Ear fittings 0.8mm round 925 silver wirediameter : 5.6 cm, hammered copper

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