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rosary, Lilith/Goddess Rosary/Necklace/Pendulum/Scrying Mirror/Shadowbox/EnergyWork/Gothic /Victorian/Altar Set/Spellbound Gems(tm)/Hand Embossed/



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Goddess Lilith/Victorian/Pendulum/Necklace/Rosary/Scrying Mirror/Shadowbox/Spellboundgems (tm)/Steampunk/Gothic/Energywork/INSPIRATION:Throughout the ages, Goddess Lilith has been maligned and downgraded to the level of an evil demoness. She was said to be the first wife of Adam, who was damned for having desired equality with him. Eve later came to take her place, who was purportedly more "docile".In the Hindu religion, the equivalent would be the Destroyer Goddess, Kali, who destroys demons and protects women and the oppressed. Lilith is supposedly originally a Sumerian deity. She was vilified in the Hebrew tradition. Lilith represents the equality of women to men, feminine sexuality, and self-empowerment. She is often represented as a sensuous woman with wings. Often she has been depicted as a succubus, or vampire-like creature.I have represented Lilith as who she really is - a Goddess, with the power to protect, destroy, and to initiate procreation. The Goddess of Equality, Power, and Self-empowerment for women. This Lilith Rosary, Pendulum, and Scrying Mirror with the handmade Dark Moon Goddess Shadowbox/Jewelry Box to match, is part of an altar set. It has been made to honor the Goddess Lilith and her protection of the feminine principle in Nature, including all women.*CUSTOM ORDER:This item is a custom order. Please contact seller for information about time to handmake the item and shipping.* CUSTOM ENGRAVING: The buyer's name or initials will be engraved on the back side of this pendant upon purchase.* MATERIALS: This collectible Lilith piece is made of brass tone filigree, ceramic like material, handworked vintage bronzed copper with script, and vintage copper with script on the reverse to create the scrying mirror.The necklace is made of large and smaller white, peacock, and blue grey freshwater pearls and golden tiger's eye beads, all set in pewter gunmetal bead caps. A lovely teardrop natural shell dangles from the bottom of the pendant. Additional dark silver glass pearls embellish the metallic tones of this piece.This necklace is sturdy and substantial. It is made with substantial handmade and natural components in a very rich-looking design.* DARK MOON GODDESS SHADOWBOX/ JEWELRY BOX: The paper mache or wooden box is embellished with a ceramic Goddess face mounted on filigree and a vintage handworked rainbow brass with script crescent moon, to match the scrying mirror on the reverse side of the pendant.* LENGTH OF NECKLACE: The pendant measures app. 3 inches alone, and the necklace is adjustable in length. It is app. 18-20 inches in length. * MULTI-FUNCTION MYSTICAL TOOL: Rosary, Pendulum, Scrying Mirror - This is a multi-function holistic tool which can be used as a pendulum, necklace/ pendant, and as a divination scrying mirror. Instructions for use as a pendulum and as a scrying mirror, as well as for use and care of the piece, will be sent by email to buyer upon purchase.* DIVINATION SCRYING MIRROR: A scrying mirror is typically a nondescript flat piece used specifically to develop the ability to see with inner vision and intuition. The reverse side of this piece has been specifically prepared to be a scrying mirror for the bearer.* GEMSTONE MAGICK AND CHARGED SPIRITUAL TOOL: The focal piece is a Spell Bound Gems(tm) amulet for prosperity and love. Holistic energywork for general well-being is provided automatically upon purchase of this listing. If Buyer requests, Seller will provide additional protective rituals and rituals for freedom from bondage and oppression. For more information about Seller's custom magick services, please contact seller by email.* ART JEWELRY COLLECTIBLE: This is a one of a kind mixed media art jewelry collectible - and cannot be reproduced exactly even if I tried.* HANDMADE COMPONENTS: Many of the components of this piece are unique, original, handmade artistic designs - this is not assembled jewelry, which is jewelry assembled entirely or substantially from ready-made, mass manufactured pieces, like beaded jewelry.* PERSONALIZED Item: The focal pendant/pendulum will be personalized by Seller for the Buyer to transfer it to the Buyer upon purchase - please contact Seller upon purchase for details.* METAPHYSICAL USES and PERSONAL EXPERIENCES with this item: An amulet, talisman or spiritual tool will choose and find its rightful owner. If you are particularly attracted to this piece, it was probably originally designed for you. This holistic item has been charged or energized through a unique proprietary system for energizing holistic tools.Instructions for use of this collectible as a pendulum and as a divination scrying mirror, and instructions for care of this item are sent to the Buyer by email upon purchase of this listing. For general information, please send me email.* COPYRIGHTS AND TRADEMARKS: The seller reserves all copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual property rights with respect to this item, including the design of the item, designs on the item, and photos of the item. Please view my profile for more information.* SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS: shipping is usually first class air, insured, registered, but Seller may choose a more secure method to buyer's location. If buyer wishes international courier, extra fees apply. Please contact Seller before purchasing. * SHIPPING WITHIN THE U.S.: fee includes shipping and handling - tracking and insurance are always included. Item may be shipped by FedEx ground or other courier or by USPS postal. In all cases, Seller may choose a more secure method of shipment.Safety and security of shipment takes priority over speed of shipment in all cases.* PAYMENT METHODS: PAYPAL PREFERRED. All items are scanned and checked for workmanship.* STORE POLICIES: ALL ITEMS SOLD AS IS. All items are scanned for workmanship prior to shipping. No refunds, exchanges or returns - this listing is personalized and includes custom services which cannot be undone, exchanged or reversed after purchase - for more information send me email.(c) 2012 spellworker.comemail:[email protected], vintage brass

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