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EME: Scythe ringsbewitched, set of 3bewitched, sterling silverbewitched, stacking rings - Joanna Szkiela x Ovate collab



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Scythe blade rings: EME, set of 3sterling silver, dark oxidized patinaSizing / Shipping:This listing is for three (3) Scythe ringsMade to order in your size (size 2 to 10) and shipping within 1 to 2 weeks.Please specify your accurate ring size upon ordering.IMPORTANT: Be sure to have your finger professionally sized prior to ordering; self-measuring online tips prove to be unreliable.\u201cIt is not more surprising to be born twice than once; everything in nature is rebirth.\u201dVoltaireLife is energy. It flows through time in an infinite cycle of birth, transformation and rebirth. With each cycle it expands and grows, coloring our myths and firing our imagination. From the harvest, new crops are grown.The scythe symbolizes this renewal. It is the tool of Chronos, Father Time, who ushered in the first Golden Age of the Ancient Greeks and who rules the natural order of life. Our ability to redefine and reinvent ourselves, to cut away the old to make way for the new: this is ResurgamScythe Resurgam collection designed in collaboration with Audrey Cantwell / Ovatehttp://ovate.caMore rings here:http://www./shop/redsofa?section_id=5302300, rebirth

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