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These Christmas tree earrings are perfect to put you in the festive spirit throughout the holiday season!The earrings are cut from copper sheet, and then enameled with glass enamel in a kiln. The trees are about 1" from top to bottom, with solid sterling silver ear wires at the top. Colorful 'ornaments' accent the tree design.Wear these to holiday parties or gift them to a friend, or both!Colorful ornaments decorate the trees and give them some fun life :)I will include small rubber stoppers on the back of the ear wires, so that the earrings will be secure in the wearer's ears, and they will arrive in a small blue box suitable for gifting with a small pouch for storing the earrings when they are not being worn.I make all of my jewelry by hand in my Savannah, GA studio. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for valuing and supporting hand crafted art., kathryn riechert

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