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peacock feather, Peacock Feather Eye - Button Stud Earrings - Antique Gold



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The eye of a peacock feather is one of the most beautiful works of nature. The close up photo is is placed in antique gold bezel earring studs, which matches nicely with the brown in the feather.\r\rI have a matching pendant available separately (see last photo). If you would like the matching pendant, please click here:\r\rhttps://www./listing/106944955/peacock-feather-eye-glass-pendant-in-an\r\rThe glass cabochons are 12mm and they are set in antique gold bezel studs. They are super cute and simple.\r\rIf you purchase both the pendant and earrings, I will include a matching antique gold ball chain at no extra cost.\r\rPlease contact me with any questions.\r\rThank you., earrings

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