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beaded pendant, Just Peachy / Beaded Pendant on Sterling Silver Chain Necklace / Faux Pearls and Chunk Glass Beads / Elegant Wedding Jewelry / Bead Necklace



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These freeform beads are such fun! With no real design, the sizes and shapes of the beads cause all sorts of surprises to happen as I'm adding more and more beads. Just Peachy is one of the most fun ones yet, with the teardrop shaped beads I included -- they give it a whole different, kind of wild, look. Bold and chunky, Just Peachy is suspended from a pretty sterling silver chain, all set to become one of your favorite pieces of jewelry.The base of the cluster is a small peyote tube created with ivory colored seed beads with a pearl finish. After I made the tube, I used a fringe technique to attach a bunch of faux pearls made of glass. The pearls are different sizes, ranging from 1/8" diameter up to about 3/8" diameter.Just Peachy is funky enough to wear with a t-shirt but also elegant enough to wear for an evening out or even (dare I say it?) for a wedding!\u2666 Pendant: approximately 1-1/2" (38mm) diameter\u2666 Necklace: Sterling Silver Chain, 16" (40.6cm) long\u2666 Necklace Closure: lobster clasp\u2666 Technique: single peyote, fringe...Item #3522, sterling silver

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